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Why CloudCall vs Traditional Phone System


Traditional Phone System CloudCall Hosted PBX
A closet-full of hardware is required at your location. You have to lease it and pay for maintenance. You don’t have to deal with a closet-full of phone equipment. All you need is your phones.
Set up is a hassle. And it doesn’t exactly happen overnight. Need to get CloudCall Hosted PBX set up? Give us a call, and you’re practically done.
You’ll pay three bills each month: For the equipment you lease, for the minutes you use, and for equipment maintenance. With CloudCall Hosted PBX, you pay just one bill.
Upgrades are a hassle. You’ll need someone to come in and physically change your equipment. Upgrades happen overnight. You just walk into your office and discover awesome new features.
You’ll pay the kind of phone bills you’re used to paying with the phone company: Big ones. You’ll save 50-85% over traditional phone services.
Need to scale up? You’re going to need additional equipment for that. Need to scale up? CloudCall Hosted PBX is infinitely—and easily—scalable.

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